Before proprietary or valuable equipment changes ownership, there should be a transfer contract. This protects the rights of both parties and ensures prior agreement on subsequent use, maintenance and distribution. The UC Irvine Research Translation Group (RTG) is responsible for helping researchers negotiate and implement these agreements on behalf of UC Irvine. MTAs are supposed to protect the distribution body from possible liability and may even limit the use and distribution of these materials. An MTA may also grant suppliers certain rights to the search results in which the material or information is to be used. The University of Houston is a signatory to the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA), a contractual mechanism published by NIH on behalf of PHS to facilitate the transfer of biological material between academic institutions. For institutions that have accepted the terms of the UBMTA master contract, it is not necessary to negotiate individual terms for any transfer of a biological material. Instead, a letter of execution is implemented, which refers to both the biological material, the supply agency and the host institution. Where possible, UBMTA will be used to expedite the transfer of applicable biological materials If you are unsure whether or not your institution has signed the single agreement, please refer to the UBMTA list of Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) signatories to make this decision.

Below is a brief description of how outgoing and incoming transfer contracts work. RTG strives to offer a 24- to 48-hour rotation for agreements that require little or no negotiation. Stream Outsourcing (including SBIR/STTR) A formal agreement between uci and a company for UCI to serve as a subcontractor to the company for a distinction it receives from another company, including federal or regional authorities. After the approval of a proposal by the authorisation agency, a subcontract is executed between the company and the UCI in order to comply with the applicable contractual conditions and to finance the direct and indirect costs of the part of the UCI in the research project, according to a level of work and budget agreed by an agreement. Thank you for your interest in acquiring materials developed by the faculty UC Irvine and owned by the university. We are happy to share these documents that the faculty is prepared to release, provided there is an agreement before the transfer that regulates use, subsequent transfer, debts, intellectual property and, if necessary, transfer fees. Data Use Agreement A formal agreement between the UCI and a company regarding the exchange of identifiable or non-public personal data that may be covered by law for a given use or project. Data transfers can be made from (UCI data is transferred to a company) or in detail (a company`s data is transferred to the UCI).

Under the U.S. Export Control Act, a license may be required from the Bureau of Industry and Security or the Commerce Department for the export of certain materials.