Joseph W. Burley – Partners (UK) Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The authorization contains a number of trade names. Our financial services registry number is 300425. Our approved company is the introduction, advice, organization, agent activity and assistance in the management and execution of general insurance and credit contracts in terms of insurance rates. You can check our data and details of a ”designated representative” in the financial services register by visiting the ACF website, or contacting the ACF on 0800 111 6768. 1.4 From time to time, the company may change and revise these conditions. In this case, the company will notify the broker of the proposed changes and, after both parties have agreed in writing on these changes, the amendments will come into effect from a date that must be agreed between the parties. All Client Parties Responsibilities – You should check all the details of each proposal form or statement of fact, and pay close attention to any statements you may sign. It is important to read all the insurance documents you have issued and make sure you know the insurance coverage, limits and other conditions. Particular attention should be paid to all guarantees and conditions, as non-compliance with your policy could be cancelled or could mean that claims cannot be paid. We are also a credit broker because we will introduce those who want to pay in increments to companies that can borrow money under a regulated credit contract. Trade body says the new Toba will increase productivity and reduce business costs.

29.1 This TOBA, all related letters/correspondences and the business relationship of the parties are governed by the law of England and Wales or are subject, as agreed in writing, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Justice in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, or as agreed in writing. 1.3 When the broker proposes to pursue an insurance offering with the company, the parties agree to turn exclusively to these conditions, which have a contractual and binding effect on the parties. 10.3.4 in the case of RUL, to the extent that it is required to disclose confidential information in the context of normal insurance industry activity, including, but not exclusively, for the purposes of reinsurance or fraud prevention. 13.3.10 One of the answers provided by the intermediary in its request for agreement or its application to the previous terms and conditions is found to be false. 2.1 This agreement applies to all general insurance transactions (with the exception of aviation insurance, including offshore emergency insurance) which was followed by RUL through the intermediary and abandoned via the intermediary with RUL upon receipt of this agreement, is subject to the agreement. The terms and conditions that the intermediary may have forwarded to RUL will not come into force. RUL does not accept the intermediary`s insurance transactions on another basis. If you are a consumer, you have a responsibility to answer honestly and conscientiously all questions about a proposed insurance coverage and to provide the complete and accurate information that insurers need.

This also applies to your answers regarding all the assumptions you can accept when applying for insurance coverage. This is especially important before you have a policy, but also for renewal or if you are making a policy change in the medium term. If you do not collect information or present a fact that could influence the insurer`s decision to accept the risk or conditions offered, this could invalidate the policy and mean that the claims cannot be paid.