Data available through the GSC is subject to general and record-specific data usage policies, and access to controlled data is closed to authorized users. Learn more about user responsibility and how to authenticate and access TCGA data on the platform. The GSC respects internationally recognized policies for access to data and the publication of data developed to allow broad access to genomic information while protecting the rights of those who have donated tissue to the analysis. For more information on the conditions of access to each registration on the GSC, see our documentation. If you are a ONE PI, the title and project number of your access request are displayed. You also have the opportunity to review your project from this site. Also note that the expiration date of your access to the data is displayed. While all GSC data is removed from direct identifiers, genomic information is inherently unique to a person. Two types of data access levels have been put in place to compensate for the desire to make the data available as much as possible, while ensuring that the rights of study participants are well protected. Any researcher can access and use open data as long as they accept the restrictions and requirements for the use of TCGA publication guidelines. Researchers who require control data for their studies must receive an approved access request using the Genotype and Phenotype Database (dbGaP) and accept all TCGA data usage certifications and the TCGA publication directive. Primary sequencing data (BAM and FASTQ files) from DNA, RNA, miRNA or bisulfite sequencing studies Access to ICGC data is governed by guidelines established by the ICGC Data Compliance Office (DACO).

Any user wishing to access ICGC Controlled Data must apply for a DACO authorization controlled by the International Data Access Committee (IDAC). Access is granted if the application is consistent with ICGC`s objectives and guidelines on issues such as the purpose and relevance of the research and the protection of participants and their data. This way, you can access the DEDICATED TCGA work areas on Terra and use them. Once you have signed up for a GSC account, you have access to TCGA data based on your data access authorization. TCGA data on the platform consists of open data and closed data. Exchange of data from large-scale biological research projects Principles for the exchange and publication of genomic data to maximize the public benefits developed at a meeting sponsored by the Wellcome Trust in Fort Lauderdale. These Fort Lauderdale principles informed the original TCGA publication guidelines, which compensate for the immediate availability of genomic data for research and protection of the original publication rights of the original owner.