Que Es Un Support Agreement

You, the sponsor, must complete Form I-864 if your relative is scheduled for an immigration visa interview with a consular officer abroad or if your relative is about to apply for permanent resident status with USCIS or U.S. immigration court. If you have a common sponsor, they must also complete form I-864. If you use the income of other household members to qualify, each member of the household who assumes legal responsibility for your parent`s help must complete a separate I-864A form, a contract between sponsor and member of the household. This agreement is the complete and exclusive declaration of mutual understanding between the parties and replaces and removes all previous written and oral agreements and communications concerning the purpose of this agreement. No oral or written information made by us, our resellers or any other means on our behalf will create a guarantee or a secondary contract or expand in any way the scope of this agreement, and you should not rely on such oral or written information. Waivers or changes only have an effect if they are made in writing. In addition, the different or additional conditions of a command, confirmation or similar form have no strength or effect. The response time indicated in each support plan is the time elapsed between receiving a request for assistance via the Sencha support portal (support.sencha.com) and the time Sencha starts the support service, including oral or written confirmation to the client. The actual time required to fully resolve the support request if such a complete solution occurs may be longer than the specified maximum response time. The response periods mentioned above refer to English-based help and language assistance is processed in section 3c below.

Neither Sencha nor Sencha resellers are responsible for providing services as the problem is caused by abuse, improper use, poor configuration, modification or deterioration of the software; (b) the customer`s use of the software using hardware or software that is not provided or supported by Sencha; (c) the client`s inability to install a software update if the update had resolved the issue; or (d) in a way that is not consistent with the agreement. Sencha assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of the customer`s data, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage. Sencha Test`s services are about the use or operation of the Sencha test product and do not relate to issues related to application development or customer application functionality. Access to all web support functions (documentation and online source code, online help forums) is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without unplanned interruption of Internet service or planned exemption from Sencha. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this agreement, Sencha does not guarantee such availability. All measured services are also generally available 24 × 7 × 365, although the response to each request, after timed care, may not be immediate and may not be addressed by the time conditions in Section 3b. Derogations from the availability of services are communicated in advance on Sencha`s website, where possible. The hours of operation mentioned above are for English-based help and language assistance is processed in section 3c below. Sencha may suspend the delivery of the Services if the Client does not meet its obligations under this Agreement. Sencha may terminate services if such a failure persists thirty (30) days after Sencha`s written invitation to fulfill these obligations.

Sencha may terminate the contract and all services at any time if it is established (i) that the Customer violates the software licensing restrictions imposed by the Customer`s license agreement, or (ii) the Customer violates that agreement or any other agreement with Sencha.