Can other readers indicate the cost of this or other similar private jet programs? Fixed single-use rates also mean you don`t have to pay a repositioning fee. You only pay for the hours you`re busy, the time you fly. On flights at remote corners of the world, ferry flights can increase the cost by up to 50%. This comes as such an announcement – you say ”Flat Hourly Rate,” but not really the open cost! Jet cards usually also offer service recovery. In other words, if the operator cancels the flight due to a mechanical pilot or pilot, it is up to your supplier to find you a replacement aircraft. In the case of on-demand chartering, the customer usually has to pay the difference when the highest costs are incurred. And while the Qatar Executive offers cheap ”empty leg” bookings, ”Diamond Agreement customers pay only for live flies, but you don`t pay for positioning.” ”The Diamond Agreement is really about simplifying private jet traffic,” Hardman told Executive Traveller. Hardman says, as part of designing a program for you, it is possible to have exceptions, but clearly it does not target people who have a lot of short hops. It is estimated that 80% of private flights take less than two hours. Verb has quoted me as one of the 25 best digital luxury experts he will follow.

More information about private aviation and news on jet cards, private aviation membership and property in the event of a break is available in the latest updates from private Jet Card Comparisons. . In recent months, Qatar Executive has maintained a robust and agile network despite a challenging operating environment and has brought its customers home safely. ”No two customers are equal, so there are no two equal programs,” Hardman says, adding that even ”on prior request, the airline can facilitate smoking on board. Basically, everything is tailored to the customer`s needs. Does the Diamond Agreement offer guaranteed availability? Mark Hardman, Executive Vice President of Yes Qatar Executive, said: ”We are very pleased to launch our custom diamond agreement, tailored to the exact travel profile of companies and private customers. The program offers the greatest flexibility at a fixed price. In addition, we understand that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, customers are looking for versatile, quality services from a serious and financially secure operator. ”The number of applications almost doubled from last year, and apparently there were times like March when we were exceptionally busy bringing people home.” In the absence of minimum annual usage and maximum transmission times, the pre-purchased Diamond Agreement was designed to simplify private jet traffic, making the Diamond Agreement program unrivalled in terms of flexibility. Qatar Executive customers are also guaranteed availability for bookings already booked from 72 hours in advance. ”The Diamond Agreement is therefore a leading product in the industry, with top-choice prices in the sector.” Despite the difficult operating environment created by the adversity of the pandemic in recent months, Qatar Executive has maintained a robust and agile network to bring customers home safely.