(f) The information displayed should indicate the source of the information displayed and the last updated date. Participants must update all MLS downloads and update IDX ads automatically powered by these downloads at least once every twelve (12) hours. A participant must request to receive a message on their IDX website stating that the MLS list information displayed is reliable, but not guaranteed by MLS. A participant`s IDX may contain other appropriate disclaimers that are necessary to protect the participant and/or MLS from liability. (a) the broker gives the cooperating broker the specific power to show and/or trade directly; or Section 4.3 The invitation to the rating submitted to service participants shall not request a list of goods submitted to the service, unless such an invitation complies with section 16 of the REALTORS Code of Ethics, its practical standards and case interpretations. An exclusive list of agencies must be identified by selecting the exclusive agency in the Type of Agreement field from the list. b. shows an automated estimate of the market value of the list (or a hyperlink to such an estimate) directly related to the list, the unauthorized use of a keyboard is a violation of the rental contract and the authorized owner of the key must bring the key to the NJMLS within twenty-four hours and modify the authorized code. The keyboard is turned off after twenty-four (24) hours. The cost of reprogramming the code is eighty dollars.

Any participant who deliberately deprives an exclusive right to the sale or exclusive agency list is suspended immediately after notification, until the necessary offers are forwarded to the Service. (h) participants and AVPs who operate VOVs on their behalf must execute the licensing agreement required by MLS. (l) Offers, including real estate addresses, may be included in IDX screens, unless a seller has ordered his listing broker to retain his list broker or real estate address from the list of all screens on the Internet (including, but not limited to publicly available websites or VOW) or other electronic forms of display or distribution. (d) Subject to subsection b), a participant`s VOV may allow third parties (i) to write comments or comments on certain offers, or to post a hyperlink to such comments or ratings directly related to certain offers, or (ii) to display an automated estimate of the market value of the list (or a hyperlink to such a quote) in direct connection with the list. Temporary resignation: the seller is granted only a short-term release from MLS, no release from the listing contract. The offer is still in effect until the end of the list, but will no longer be published through MLS. The seller and the listing broker agree that there will be no more proof of ownership for potential buyers.