This directive, which can be amended from time to time, applies to all university members and visitors who conduct research at Harvard institutions. In addition, federal policy requires the university to request written agreements from anyone who conducts research on their reporting and attribution obligations under a federally funded program. Anyone doing research at Harvard should sign either the Harvard University Participation Agreement or, if applicable, the Harvard University Visitor Participation Contract. The billing agreement does not reduce any of the conditions of the main delivery to the unassigned facility; It is simply a mechanism by which the stock exchange can reimburse the non-granted institute the salary and margin of certain collaborators of the project…. The signed correspondence and sponsorship form can be faxed to 617-495-1858 or e-mailed This directive establishes a procedure for approving and managing service or referral agreements concluded by faculties under the aegis of Harvard University, which means that Harvard would be the contractor. Examples of services that the faculty can offer under Harvard`s aegis are: The price setup list and the award diagram are a checklist for GMs, ADFs and PIs that can be used as a tool if a notice of attribution or agreement has been received. It contains a list of all the items SPA needs to set up your price in GMAS. You`ll find useful links throughout the checklist. As a recipient of sponsored funds from federal and non-federal sources, Harvard University is required to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive disclosure of the financial results of the awards and sponsored programs. Timely registration of reward transactions is essential, especially as the end date of an award approaches and Harvard must meet the final reporting, cash collection and sponsor closing requirements. The sponsorship closeout policy defines the results and deadlines to be met by schools, local departments/units and the PSO at the expiration of a sponsored project.