When do the responsibilities of the parties begin and stop? From notification of adverse events to inventions, from the transmission of regulatory communications to reports, from the termination of the agreement to the publication proposal, from the safeguarding of confidential information to restitution, from billing to payment, the agreement is full of deadlines that govern the liability of the parties. It is therefore important to negotiate realistic deadlines. Failure to meet the deadlines in the agreement may result in non-payment or violation of the agreement. The University of California is self-insured and will retain appropriate insurance for the duration of the contract to cover its compensation obligations. Behavioural clinical studies focus on interventions to increase positive behaviours such as physical activity or cancer screening, eliminate negative behaviours such as smoking and/or improve the quality of life of people with the disease. Observational studies are not considered clinical studies. A CTA defines the confidentiality obligations of the parties. It is very likely that the parties have previously entered into a Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) and the CTA may reflect similar conditions. Thus, like a CDA, the CTA will define confidential information (or not) and the circumstances under which the information can be used or disclosed to third parties.

It is important to define what is confidential and what is not. For example, trade secrets are often included in the definition; But the reality is that a trade secret is protected until it is disclosed or reissued. Therefore, a trade secret should not be included as confidential information. In addition, the CTA should determine the duration of the confidentiality obligation and what happens to tangible confidential information after the conclusion or end of the clinical trial. Knowledge management also supports your company`s learning process and is an indicator of your company`s maturity. In a mature environment, clinical trial teams have access to a recent clinical trial knowledge base that provides information on the progress of their projects.