Cibc Agreements

All CIBC credit card agreements, performance details, changes and insurance certificates can be found here. The CIBC NetBanking Services Agreement (”Agreement”) regulates the access and use of Cibc NetBanking Services (”NetBanking Services”), including online banking, transfers and payment services. You can use NetBanking Services to access your accounts held with CIBC USA (”Bank”) and perform some other banking with the bank. In addition to this agreement, you agree to be bound and comply with other written requirements that we may provide to you in connection with NetBanking services and all other services and content accessible through NetBanking services, including, but not only, your account agreements with the bank (”Account Agreement (s)) ] and with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this contract and your account contracts with the bank, the terms of your account contract are controlled, unless this contract indicates otherwise. Please read your account contracts which contain important legal conditions and information on electronic transfers and availability of funds, as well as other important issues. All dollar amounts are expressed in U.S. dollars. Phone: Opens your phone app.1-800-308-6859 Opens your phone app. or 416-861-3313Free your phone app.

at Toronto Fax: 1-800-308-6861 or 416-980-3754 in Toronto Email: ombudsman@cibc.com opens your email app. Address: CIBC Ombudsman P.O. Box 342 Commerce Court Toronto ON M5L 1G2 1. Scope: This agreement, as amended from time to time, governs your use of online banking and online management and applies when you access or use the services, regardless of the technology you use to access services. Subject to Section 2, this contract replaces all previous agreements between you and us for your use of online banking and wealth online management. To the simple reference, we have added on this page all the policies, conditions and agreements that govern your relationship with CIBC Investor`s Edge. If you have any questions about any of the agreements, please contact us. 19. Fees: When you trade through Online Banking or Wealth Management Online, you will be charged transaction fees, fees and commissions, if any, as part of your account and service agreements. These fees, fees and commissions are deducted from your account or charged to you, as stipulated in the agreements for your accounts and services. All additional fees, fees or commissions specific to the use of Online Banking or Wealth Management Online will be communicated to you online after notice.