Barwon Water is a legal company with water and sanitation activities entrusted to it by the Water Act of 1989 (Vic). Barwon Water also issues licensed permits for contractors to receive, process and dispose of explicable waste at Black Rock and Colac Receiving Stations. The application of an interim agreement may, in certain circumstances, not be appropriate. Contact a barwon Water Trade Waste Officer if you need more information on waste reduction and cleaner production principles. Barwon Water is also able to provide support and information on sectoral waste minimisation techniques. Anyone who has obtained an agreement on commercial waste or a commercial waste authorization during the currency of this agreement or authorization may request in writing a temporary or permanent change to the acceptance criteria. The application must be supported by reasons why Barwon Water should grant the requested amendment. A grease trap represents a significant investment in the pre-treatment of waste by its owner and the waste it keeps is the mass of pollutants that are prevented from entering the sewer system during the period between each complete cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on the nature of your commercial waste and the amount of waste produced, but must be programmed so that the fat structure does not exceed 75 mm. Barwon Water may, in certain circumstances, accept waste containing higher concentrations of these substances. Additional fees may be charged for the treatment. Risk assessment generates categories of commercial waste disposal and applies one of the categories (i.e. 1, 2 3, 4 or 5).

Table 7.1 provides an indication of the frequency of sampling and the terms of the agreement on the basis of the waste category. Section 9. Barwon Water agrees with this philosophy and believes that waste minimisation, the process that reduces as much as possible the amount of industrial waste produced or the amount required by subsequent treatment, storage or disposal, is considered good environmental management.