As a general rule, students receive credit for bachelors who have successfully graduated from two- or four-year regionally accredited colleges. For transfer credit contracts, you use the following instruments: students with a score of three or better will benefit from three to six semesters of university credits for each exam. Check out the university`s catalogue for more information. An official transfer credit assessment, which summarizes the previous university credit and indicates sacramento State`s completed general education requirements, is prepared by the Transfer Credit Evaluations Office for first-time students in Sacramento State prior to mandatory student reorientation. All work in progress will be evaluated upon receipt of final grades. For more information on political degrees, see the university`s catalogue. Office of University Registrar Lassen, 2000 Contact us about All courses, with the exception of the remedy, are accepted for study credits by institutions with four-year degrees. The number of units authorized is the number of units recommended in the Guide to Evaluation of Education Experience in the Armed Forces and in the National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs. Up to six credit units can be granted. For more information, please contact the Sacramento State Admissions Office at (916) 278-1000 Option 1.

Unit restrictions apply to certain categories of credits that can be used to meet bachelor`s degree requirements: credits are granted by recognized foreign institutions on the basis of certified, translated, evaluated and granted transcripts in English. The attribution of advanced reputation depends on the country`s education system. CSU students wishing to visit foreign institutions should check the acceptance of the credit before they leave. The results of the evaluation are available in the student centre.