”Amazon Site” means the website whose primary home page is identified by the URL www.amazon.ae and any successor or replacement to that site. Shares of Trxade Group Inc. MEDS, -3.27%, rose 56% in active transactions to accelerate all pre-merchants on Tuesday after the online pharmaceutical buying platform announced a market program agreement with Amazon.com services. Trading volume rose to 4.5 million shares, compared to a daily average of around 160,000 shares. As part of the one-year deal, Trxade will advertise the AMZN-, -0.51% of Amazon.com Inc.`s storage and pickup program (Amazon Hub Center) in its network of independent pharmacies, and Txrade will receive a ”sliding tax” for any pharmacy that has not entered into an agreement with Amazon`s easing or lifting programs. With respect to all custom advertising materials by Amazon/Twitch under IO (Custom Production), the parties agree that the following additional terms apply: (1) You agree to make Amazon/Twitch available to Amazon/Twitch at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled release of custom production authorizations or change requests regarding advertising materials for custom production. Amazon/Twitch is not required to include changes made available to Amazon/Twitch less than five (5) days prior to the proposed transfer; and (2) if Amazon is required to pay any fees or expenses for a custom production prior to the cancellation of an IO (”Production Expenses”), you will reimburse Amazon for such production expenses in the event of cancellation of the IO.c on account. Twitch advertising products are billed in accordance with Amazon`s coverage, as set out in the IO. Printouts for fixed or fixed positions are estimated and are not guaranteed.

No Makegood will be available for these appreciated prints. ”Seller Agreement” means the Amazon Terms of Service for Sale, any endorsements from a professional seller, a successor to any of these agreements, or any other similar agreement (as established by Amazon) between you and us, which will allow you to offer products and services through the Amazon Site. You authorize Amazon to act as your representative to process payments, refunds, and adjustments to your transactions, obtain and retain the proceeds of the sale on your behalf, transfer the proceeds of the sale to your bank account, charge your credit card, and pay Amazon and its affiliates amounts you pay in accordance with this agreement or other agreements, that you might have connected to Amazon, debt….