According to Cristina et al (2003); This is a fundamental basis for each organization to evaluate and access the performance of the team and individual members, and evaluation should pay attention to the team and the individual outcome. According to Harris et al.: In the event of conflict, leaders and superiors capable of influencing and influencing the attitudes and actions of these differences of opinion might find it useful to identify the complexity and feelings of the parties involved in the event of conflict. An additional mile away, there are sometimes conflicts between colleagues, competition and even customers. And once that happens, the driver will identify the cause of this conflict and find a solution, if not matter if they can do it, then he will seek the advice of it, are more advanced than him. The goals and objectives of a group help to focus as a common team with a common goal, and can avoid the situation of having a group of people who are not consistent and more likely to be a ”collection of individuals” than a team. S – Specific – Purpose is specific because the company specializes in care. M – Measurable – because the company has an organization of people that needs the service. A – Achieving – Team goals are achieved with a specific time frame R – Realistic – Our clients relied on you or relatives for care. The company has a time limit for the date on which the goal is to be achieved.

Extra Mile evaluates and determines its employees and teamwork based on objectives by the outcome of this performance and the organization performs this analysis primarily to determine whether or not the person is achieving the company`s goals. And it also measures the word of the amount, time and cost of the employee. It is also a systematic assessment of the professional strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and teams according to a set of pre-defined organizational standards. In general, the organization evaluates team results such as quality, quantity, creativity costs and team news. Dewaker (2008) proposed that the individual and the team first understand the essential objectives of the organization they work on and that the manager define the best details of the work or task so that he can relate his contribution to the overall goal of the organization.