As a general rule, the remaining tenant is responsible for the rent to be paid on the tenancy agreement. For example, if the lease is 12 months old and the other tenant moves for three months, the remaining tenant will have to pay for the remaining nine months. Joint and several liability, that is, a legal clause that means that a tenant can be held responsible for the entire contract, results in a violation or violation of the rules, which is charged to all other tenants. A tenant may then attempt to collect the amount owed by the tenant who leaves the court in small claims or by hiring a lawyer to file a complaint. Be honest with your landlord about the situation. Do not enter a new roommate without their consent, as this becomes a sublease that may be contrary to your rental conditions and may cause the landlord to evict you. For roommates who walk in the middle of the night (yes, that`s what happens), there is the possibility of making them small claims for the rent they owe. Keep in mind, however, that if all the names of the lease are not on the electricity bills, you probably won`t be able to get that money back from your outgoing roommate. If you ask your roommate to pay the rest of their rent or ask them to find an alternative tenant, let your landlord know about the plan so they can update the lease and talk about other options that might be available. This step is especially important if you are planning to find another roommate. Finally, you want the new tenant to sign a rental agreement that makes them liable for damages and rent, as you are. The question is also what to do if a roommate moves out before the end of a lease? To find out what happens to a bail bond when a roommate moves out, you can read the following FAQ on our website.

Your landlord probably won`t throw you to the wolves just because your roommate is gone, but he could technically. Landlords have the right to evict tenants if someone breaks the lease, which your roommate did when she left before the lease expired. If you are a valued tenant, the landlord will probably not take care of an evacuation. However, if you have caused trouble in the past, it may seize the opportunity to separate you. Your tenancy agreement may include a provision that will allow you to obtain a new roommate who will assume financial responsibility for the outgoing tenant. Even in the absence of such a provision, your landlord may be willing to receive a new roommate or sublet the unit. However, the landlord will probably have to approve the tenant in the same way he did with you and your roommate. A landlord is required to mitigate the damage, which means that he must make an appropriate attempt to reduce the amount of damage he has suffered, but that does not necessarily mean that he must accept an unacceptable tenant. If you want to stay in the rental agreement, you may be tempted to sneak into a new tenant without talking to the landlord. Don`t do it, because it goes against your rental agreement and that`s the reason for the eviction if the owner finds out. There is a good chance that the landlord will be accessible to your proposed new roommate anyway, so be sure to do so legally and have the proposed tenant complete a rental application.

If you don`t fall on the rent or break the lease in another way, I don`t think they can drive you away just because one of you has moved.