The insurance agreement contains the details of the transaction, including the insurance group`s commitment to acquire the new issue of securities, the agreed price, the initial resale price and the settlement date. (d) if the compensation provided in this section9 for an compensated party referred to in a) or (b) is not sufficient for losses, claims, damages or liabilities (or legal actions in this regard), any person compensated contributes to the amount paid or to be paid by that party liable for damages as a result of those losses. , rights, damages or liabilities (or corresponding acts) in a report that may reflect the relative benefits that the company, on the one hand, and insurers, on the other, receive from the offer of shares. However, if the current legislation does not authorize the allowance by the above rate immediately, or if the compensated party has not provided the required notification under item (c), any person compensated contributes, in the amount paid or to be paid by that compensated party, in a report capable not only of providing the relative benefits, but also the relative fault of the company on the one hand and the insurer. , on the other hand, with respect to omissions or omissions that have led to such losses, rights, damages or liabilities (or related acts) as well as any other relevant economic considerations. The relative benefits received by the company, on the one hand, and insurers, on the other hand, are, in any event, proportional to the total net proceeds of the offer (before deducting costs) collected by the company on all rebates and technical commissions collected by insurers, as shown in the table on the cover of the prospectus. The relative error is found, among other things, by the fact that the false testimony or false assertion of an essential fact, or the alleged omission or omission of an essential fact, relates to the information provided by the company or insurers, on the other hand, or to the relative intent, knowledge, access to information, access to information and the ability to correct or prevent such a statement. The company and the insurers agree that it would not be fair and equitable for the contribution to this subsection (d) to be determined on a pro-rata basis (even if the insurers were considered an entity to do so) In the event of a breach of the insurance agreement, the parties have the following corrective measures: The negotiation in this contract relates to the commission that is the responsibility of the insurers.