If the property does not have a tenant, then the owner becomes responsible for all electricity bills. You can reduce the cost of bills by making sure that heating is not used often — even if we don`t recommend turning it off completely in winter, or you can end up with frozen pipes. If your property is not well, you can also contact your local authority to request a reduction in the municipal tax bill for up to six months, while the property is empty. We recommend that you have all invoices transferred in your name when calling for services at the end of the lease. If you are a tenant and you are responsible for paying for electricity or natural gas, it is important to know what is written in the contract with your energy supplier. The contract defines the terms of the supply service. For example, its cancellation terms, expiry date, fees and all automatic renewal clauses. You should know what happens to the contract when you move. Be sure to read and understand the contract before you sign it. A second option is to have one or all of your bills included as part of the rent. This is very useful for tenants because they pay an amount of money from the static apartment to one person each month. It`s easy to predict a single edition as a bunch of them go to a bunch of different directions. In 2014, the average annual double bill (gas and electricity) reached $1.344 (information provided by OVO Energy).

That`s a month`s rent for a two-bedroom apartment in London. Responsible – To end the owner`s obligation to feed a sedentary tenant, the landlord must provide concrete information to the tenant before written permission to transfer responsibility. The information that the lessor must provide is in Section 137(4) of the RTA and O. Regulation 394/10 p. 5. If the tenant accepts the transfer, the landlord must provide a 30-day written notification in the prescribed form and reduce the rent accordingly. As a general rule, homeowners pay water prices and tenants pay for their consumption of these services. In this case, you are probably solely responsible for paying all bills, benefits, municipal taxes, etc.

Your rental agreement should contain a clause similar to the one below: If it is not safe, be sure to discuss with your owner the electricity bills you are responsible for and how their payment will take place. Let them add a written agreement to the lease, including these responsibilities. Since all the water consumed is attributable to your tenant, you can share the cost of the water bill to encourage the tenant to water the lawns and gardens. With the prescribed tenancy agreement, you can determine the percentage of water consumption that the tenant must pay. Water: A tenant can be charged with water if the property is individually dosed (or if the water comes with the vehicle) and if the accommodation is effective in the water. For more information, see Water Charge. The first thing you do when you move into your rented property is take the readings of all the gas and electricity meters and take pictures to document them.