For our clients who want personalized support, our Focused services offer a dedicated professional and technical know-how to manage and prioritize file processing, critical problem cause analysis, proactive alerts and upgrade planning, recommendations and other tailored services. The Infradata team provides customizable value-added services. These services can be tailored to each customer`s individual situation and include the following options: The next day`s delivery service is subject to certain restrictions. For more information, see RMA Process Policy ( This support option is only available for hardware located in a specific area of a Palo Alto Networks service site. It includes all the benefits of premium support or targeted services (if any) as well as the best commercially appropriate efforts of Palo Alto Networks to provide you within four hours of issuing RMA replacement equipment. Faced with an ever-changing threat landscape, Palo Alto Networks` innovative support programs have helped customers prevent successful cyberattacks and reduce the cost and complexity of operations. We have also been recognized by J.D. Power, TSIA and others for outstanding support service.

See the latest Services Spotlight Rewards Technical Sheet Looking for support and maintenance services? Do you need help with your IT infrastructure? For more information, please contact our sales team. Standard support provides basic services for the maintenance of your Palo Alto Networks services to ensure that your security infrastructure protects your business. Access to technical support and online resources allows your security infrastructure to run smoothly. Certified support centre partners are trusted consultants on our part, committed to continuous improvement. In the event of a problem, our ASC partners are there to quickly and competently resolve all the technical support problems and challenges that lie ahead. If you work with one of our CSA partners, a trained expert will be equipped to provide you with a timely answer and solution to your problem, while ensuring the highest possible quality of service. Registration: Register your device and create an online account at: Enter your Palo Alto Networks firewall and customer account number in your order summary.

Permission is verified and your access to the support portal is available for online services. Once you`ve created your account, you can either add additional users to your business or have your users register themselves. You can manage your firewalls by: Palo Alto Networks` online services provide you with time-saving tools to solve problems, answer questions and improve knowledge and skills. Advance Replacement – Delivery the next business day – Our award-winning support organization gives you quick access to technical experts and online resources to protect your business. We take our responsibility for your success seriously and we always strive to provide them with an exceptional customer experience. Our entire support organisation and our approved support centres are there to ensure maximum operation and optimized procedures. Authorization: For devices registered with active support licenses, you have support.