Click here for a list of rental costs for new and obsolete vehicles, used vehicles and after-sales assistance services. If the open market value of the vehicle is less than or equal to S20,000 and $20,000, you can borrow up to 70% of the purchase price. If the vehicle costs more than 20,000 S, you can only get up to 60% of the purchase price. If you receive a discount, discount or other Maybank benefits, these will be deducted from the OMV first. Second, the amount of money available depends on what is left at the OMV. Getting a car is not just looking for the vehicle unit. You need to find the best car credit to finance your car, to make sure you can buy it without sacrificing your basic needs. If the WCC has been deducted from the purchase price and the amount does not exceed 55,000 S.A., you will be classified under the Rental Act. If the amount is more than $55,000, you will be classified under the general law and not under the Hire Purchase Act. The actual amount of the loan depends heavily on the open market valuation (OMV) of the car you want to buy. Maybank Rental (auto credit) Financing of new, used and obsolete vehicles. Financial margin: Up to 90% term of credit: up to 9 years according to the Sharia principle of Al Ijarah Thumma Al Bai (AITAB), which literally means that leasing, then buying Maybank Car Loan has a fixed interest rate that can be as low as 3.25% per year.

To calculate your monthly rental rates with the interest rate package, you must follow these steps: the financing of the Islamic lease-sale follows the Sharia contract and the spirit of the Hire Purchase Act 1967. It is modelled according to the principle of Sharia by Al Ijarah Thumma Al Bai (AITAB), which literally means leasing and later purchase. The customer can provide other proof of income such as rent, investment, etc. to strengthen the application The rental-purchase is a transaction that gives you the right to use the car, even if the entire amount is still paid in installments. Easy, you can immediately enjoy the vehicle while you pay in monthly installments. After the loan is paid, the property can be transferred to you. – Buying vehicles other than passenger cars Yes, of course you can. You are entitled to a discount on unearned interest for early billing. This is only a partial repayment of the due fee, so don`t expect a large amount of money to fall into your lap if you pay your debts prematurely! Maybank offers car loans to Singapore Citizens, permanent and foreign residents who have a correct employment card. In addition, foreigners must have a local guarantor.

All applicants for car credit must be at least 21 years old.