In addition, users have portfolios to manage margin trading, futures, P2P, savings, pooling and swaps. G. Due to network delays, computer system failures and other force majeure cases that can result in delays, suspensions, shutdowns or deviations in the performance of the hoe savings service, Binance will make reasonable efforts to ensure, but will not promise that the ”Binance Savings” execution system works in a stable and efficient manner. Binance assumes no responsibility if the final performance does not meet your expectations due to the above factors. These terms of use are defined between you (hereafter referred to as ”you” or ”you”) and the binance operators (as defined below). By accessing, downloading, using or clicking ”I agree,” accepting all binance services (as defined below) by Binance (as defined below), you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all terms of these terms of use (hereafter referred to as ”These Terms”) and our Privacy Policy. In addition, when using certain Services functions, you may be subject to certain additional conditions applicable to these functions. 10. Contact information. For more information on Binance, please see business information and licenses on Binance`s websites. If you have any questions about these conditions, please contact Binance for clarification on our customer service team By accessing, using or trying to use binance services in any way, you recognize that you accept these conditions and that you agree with these conditions. If you don`t agree, you don`t access Binance or use the binance services.

5. Users refer to all persons, institutions or organizations that access, download or use binance or binance services and meet the criteria and conditions set by Binance. If there are other agreements for companies such as developers, distributors, marketmakers and digital cash exchanges, these agreements will be respected. 2. Full agreement. These conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties regarding the use of Binance Services and will take over all prior written or oral agreements between the parties. No use of trade or other regular practices or methods of trade between the parties is used to modify, interpret, supplement or modify the conditions provided for. 8. No liability for third-party websites. Any link to third-party Binance Services sites does not imply binance`s approval of products, services, information or exclusions by Binance and Binance does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they contain. If you suffer losses due to the use of such a product and such service to third parties, Binance will not be responsible for this loss.

Since Binance has no control over the terms of use or privacy policies of third-party websites, you should read and understand these policies carefully. 11. Collateral accounts refer to special accounts opened by users on binance to deposit and collect guarantees (such as margins) in accordance with these conditions (including the Binance Contract Services Agreement and Binance Platform Rules), as is required for contractual transactions, leverage trading and/or foreign currency lending services. There is no risk to the granting of credits. The risk is that you keep all the BTC in an excange. If you are only hodling and not trading, I go for fixed savings rather than flexible.