The purchaser is not (a) an investment company or a company controlled by an investment company within the meaning of the Investment Companies Act 1940 as amended, or (b) which is in no way subject to the provisions of this Act. An individual business is formed when someone enters the business alone and does not participate in it. The only obligations are local registrations and licenses. Depending on, partnerships can be formed by an oral contract if two or more people decide to go to business. In addition, a partnership must be registered as a new business with the local government. However, most partnerships have a partnership agreement developed by partners that outlines business practices and responsibilities. Partnerships usually end when a partner wants to leave or die. On that date, all legal obligations and obligations must be fulfilled. Each of the parties to this Agreement commits and accepts that its respective representations, guarantees, pacts, declarations and agreements contained in this Agreement will survive on the completion date. With the exception of the exhibits or documents and documents that the Seller served the purchaser as part of the agreement, there is no other agreement, insurance, guarantee or agreement between the parties or parties with respect to the purpose of this contract. 6. The party to the first party agrees to make available to the partnership a formal license for the use and use of that patent and to grant it a formal license. With all the plans.

Models and drawings relating to the livelihoods of the partnership and licence are not resilient as long as the company continues to decide whether the party of the first party is a partner or not. 26. When a partner leaves the company, he is not allowed to manage the same activity or activity similar to that of the company in an area two kilometres from the company`s office and for a period of two years from the date of retirement, and he cannot carry out activities in the same name as that of the company. until the partnership is completely dissolved and dissolved. The agreement provides that in addition to all other statutory rights, one party may terminate the contract if the other party has not fully complied with the obligations under the contract. The non-break party may provide the party with a written notice of the offence and indicate the number of days the breaker has to heal the omission. A typical time to heal is thirty (30) days. If the defaulting party does not correct the situation in the number of days indicated, the non-infringing party may terminate the contract or take legal action.b. withdraw any legal action or proceedings filed by the Registry. This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no other commitments or conditions in any other agreement, whether oral or written in relation to the purpose of this contract.

This contract replaces all prior written or oral agreements between the parties. This is the formation of a partnership company between two persons who carry out their separate activities after the implementation of this agreement by the parties if one of the parties fails to meet its respective obligations or violates a guarantee or contract, which would constitute a delay in payment. The defaulting party must terminate the failure within days [INSERT NUMBER] after notification by the other party. In the event of failure by one of the parties to remedy this failure within the agreed time, the seller or purchaser is entitled to cancel the transaction and/or sue for damages, in addition to any other claims granted under this Agreement.